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Improving loading times

If your website is slow, it can seriously damage your optimisation and thus, result in less converted page views. There are several ways we recommend you solve this issue:

  • Optimise images
  • Compress your code
  • Minimise redirects
  • Maximise server response times – use tools such as GTMetrix to see where you need to make amendments
  • Utilize browsing cache – if using wordpress, you can find a plugin.

The more efficient your page, the higher your changes are of received a good conversion rate as it is more likely that readers will be impressed with your site and visit again and again.


Connect better with long-tail keywords

When talking about ‘long-tail keywords’, we are referring to longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors to your page are more likely to use. Long-tail keywords can be extremely valuable to you, if you know how to use them well.

Let’s take the iGaming industry as an example, if a prospect searches ‘online casino’ they are going to get a vast amount of results. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Well, when you break it down it is actually quite straightforward;

  1. Make a list of the things you specialise in.
  2. Use the items on the list as keywords.

For example, if your page specialises in Live Casino information for new players, you can use keywords like ‘Live Casino game play made easy’.

Long-tailed key words are all about establishing better lines of communication between your website or blog and customers who are already out there, actively searching and shopping.


It’s all about content!

When readers search for particular content, the chances are they will receive many different results, which can make it very hard to compete with competition. Getting visitors to your page or blog via SEO is one thing, but then how do you keep them interested?

By mixing up the content, you can make your page and blog much more appealing to a range of visitors, and this can easily be accomplished simply by adding interesting written content, images and videos! Therefore, it is good to make a plan and decide exactly what you are going to publish, and when you are going to publish it to make sure all content is fun, friendly, relevant and interesting!


Check where you rank

You can run for a whole day, but if you don’t track how many miles you have covered, you have no proof of what you have accomplished and no stats to compare with next time you run. The same goes for your website, if you keep making all the efforts to include SEO, but never check where you rank, how will you know how you are doing? And what you can do better?

Use Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) to analyse your keywords that you are ranking for, your CTR (click through rates) and everything else that can help you to achieve a better conversion rate, on a regular basis.


Customer insights

Through data collected you are also able to see exactly who your users are and segment them, where your users are searching from and which search engines they are using. You can also see which products are searched for the most and where or how the searcher wants to buy the products.

By comparing data from customer insights on a regular basis you can also understand where you stand, what you are doing well and the areas in which you can improve.


KPI’s are King

Key Performance Indicators are paramount to your success. We recommend that you list your KPI’s and update them on a regular basis. Some great examples of KPI’s are:

  • To increase visibility of your website or blog.
  • To increase engagement with site visitors.
  • To increase organic traffic.
  • To increase the traffic quality.

Create quantitative KPI’s and check the progress on a regular basis to ensure all goals and targets are being met in a timely manner. If you are not reaching your KPI’s, don’t panic, simply analyse your data and make a strategic plan to help you get back on the right track.

Posted by LeoVegas on May 15, 2017