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Supercharge your content

In the previous article we highlighted the importance of having effective ‘meta-tags’ in place. Today, we would like to explore content – another crucial element to help you further increase your ranking and drive more traffic to your website!

Listed below are the most important things to bear in mind when writing your content.



Be highly active and post fresh and relevant content to increase your chances of ranking higher in a search engine.



The more you post, the better! In fact, by having diversified content you can increase the number of keywords on your website, however, it is important to always keep the content relevant and interesting to the reader.

This will not only help with your ranking, but it will also attract more visitors. Set yourself a minimum number of posts per day and stick to it!


Be original

Ranking highly in search engines is ‘mission impossible’ with low quality content. To reach the top, you have to create first class content which is fun and engaging. Don’t copy and paste from another blog or website but be original and provide useful information.

A well written blog will also reduce your bounce rate (people running away from your website) thus further improving your search engine ranking.


Share it and syndicate your content

Share your content not only on social media platforms, but also onto third party websites. Search for renowned websites in your industry and ask them if they would be interested in receiving and publishing good quality content from you, as this will help to increase your exposure and drive more traffic to your website.

The best websites and online magazines are always looking for interesting content for free, get in touch with them and don’t be afraid!



Be aware of the most used keywords or phrases that people use when they are looking for information on your chosen topic and use these keywords when you write your content.


Link Building

Create first class content and get other websites or blogs to link to your site for free.

Start networking with other skilled bloggers – remember that they need fresh content and inbound links as much as you do. Exchange valuable content and include a link to each other’s pages.

Google considers inbound links as endorsements, and your ranking and popularity will improve as the content you share is perceived as valuable.

Posted by LeoVegas on November 7, 2016