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1. The best Affiliates don’t expect big money to land in their laps instantly!

There are always exceptions where you may smash it and start seeing commission pumped your way but normally it takes around 6 months to start seeing the results from your efforts. The top tip from us is to not get dis-hearted – a lion doesn’t start crying when they miss a catch!

Stay consistent in your message, remain persistent and most importantly, have fun!

2. The best Affiliates have strong relationships with their Affiliate Managers

All of the Affiliate team at LeoVegas have one-to-one relationships with all of their Affiliates – they are on hand to help in any way they can whether that may be hints and tips on how to improve your marketing, providing unique marketing material, special deals just for you – the list goes on and on!

The key message is to stick close to your Affiliate Manager because they will know the most successful ways of marketing and offer new innovative ways to reach out to people!

3. The best Affiliates always stay on their toes!

It is a fast paced industry with new and innovative ways to play being produced on a weekly basis – keep up with the pace!

The key is to always expand upon your knowledge whether that is by researching new trends, analysing data or checking out what the competition is up to. You want to be one of the first with the latest like LeoVegas, not trailing behind with yesterday’s news!

4. The best Affiliates know their audience…

It is vital that you create unique and engaging content for your audience – if you wouldn’t enjoy reading it, then why would they?

Firstly, find out who your audience is so you can present your content in the most relevant way to them and then ensure that you provide them relevant and valid information to keep them coming back, time and time again! It might be tempting to just copy and paste somebody else’s hard work and change a few words but this is never a good idea – you will find that your marketing has an inconsistent message and you may even miss those vital call to actions!

5. The best Affiliates watch what’s happening!

How do you know what strategy works and what doesn’t if you are not monitoring your results?
You can’t just stab blindly in the dark – use all the tools you have to hand!

LeoVegas offer a dedicated affiliate software that can provide you with all the insight you need into where you need to focus and also to get a glimpse into your performance.

Posted by LeoVegas on October 7, 2016