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On December 4, 2017, LeoVegas published a statement (here https://www.leovegasaffiliates.com/news/leovegas-gaming-official-statement-regarding-affiliate-compliance-uk-1312/) including the below message:


“although we value all the hard work all our affiliates have been putting in to the partnership, we are only able to continue to work with a small number of affiliates who satisfy our compliance standards, share our commitment to compliance, and further have the operational scale to guarantee ongoing compliance.”


Further to that, LeoVegas now regrets to inform that we, during the upcoming weeks, will further decrease the number of Affiliate partners we work with in the UK in order to ensure that we meet the regulatory compliance standards. 

We have made a business decision that, for the time being, we can only monitor, guide and control a very small number of trusted partners. All partners affected by this have been contacted directly.

We truly hope that in the future we can find a viable compliant way to open up our program to a larger number of our valued partners again.

Thank you for all your efforts.

Best regards,


Petra Blixt, Head of Customer Acquisition, LeoVegas Gaming

Jon Sinclair, Head of UK and Ireland, LeoVegas Gaming

Dr. Beverly Pace, Head of Legal and Compliance, LeoVegas Gaming

Posted by LeoVegas on April 10, 2018