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This is to serve as a reminder of our initial announcement back in July 2019 regarding our ongoing commitment to compliance requirements in the UK market.  By August 2019, our Newcastle team at LeoVegas Group took over the management of UK publishers and traffic.


With this change, we would like to remind any affiliates who wish to continue sending UK traffic to LeoVegas that, by not later than the 17th of May, a new account under the LeoVegas UK brand must be created in order to receive a commission on new UK players.

It is important to note that as of the 1st of June 2020, no commission will be paid out for any UK traffic sent through your original LeoVegas account, so please be sure to set up your LeoVegas UK account at your earliest convenience. Your UK account can be created here. Please ensure you select the brand “LEOVEGAS UK” in the brand drop-down menu.

And once you have opened your LeoVegas UK account, please, contact Andrew Kelly on andrew.kelly@rocketx.com, or for a quick Skype chat find him here, to go through compliance and set up a deal!


Your other accounts currently set up in NetRefer will remain the same and will be used for traffic from all other markets except for the UK.


Should you wish to view the original article posted in July 2019, please follow this link.


As always, we thank you for your cooperation and collaboration.

Posted by Vanessa on May 6, 2020