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We have some exciting news regarding the UK market within LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group. 

Due to our ongoing commitment to the UK market and to remain in-line with all applicable compliance requirements, we have decided to move all UK activity to our UK team based in Newcastle. This Newcastle team is part of the LeoVegas Group and will be taking over the management of UK publishers and traffic from August 2019.  Our team here has worked in affiliate marketing for over 15 years and has a very good understanding of the sector and local developments; we are convinced that this will fully contribute to our joint performance.

In-line with this change, we will eventually be asking you to create a new account in NetRefer should you want to continue sending UK traffic to LeoVegas.  Your other accounts currently set up in NetRefer will remain the same and will be used for traffic from all other markets except for the UK.  

NetRefer is currently being tweaked to cater for this change – we will be sending out an email update within a couple of weeks with further instructions on how to go about creating your new account for UK traffic.

Should you have any questions regarding the UK, please contact your new account manager via email on chris.brown@rocketx.com.  For any queries relating to other markets please reach out to your current account manager or to affiliateteam@leovegas.com

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to continuing our partnership. 

The LeoVegas Affiliate Team 

Posted by Francesca Schembri on July 16, 2019