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A roaring welcome to Royal Panda!

The King of the Jungle shook hands with the Emperor of the Bamboo Forest as LeoVegas joined forces with Royal Panda! Both online casinos focusing on mobile, this collaboration just spells success.

So who are the Royal Pandas?

We all know that the panda is a symbol of multiculturalism, and Royal Panda is no different! With offices in three countries, and their website translated into eight languages so far, Royal Panda pride themselves for operating on an international level. Their customers mean the world to them, which is why their website is designed to be user-friendly. Their customer support team is highly trained and is always ready to help with a smile that you can see from your screen and hear through the phone. Just as friendly as a panda!

Why Royal Panda?

We both have our core values, but lucky for us, they are almost one and the same. Mobile casino is the future in the eyes of both LeoVegas and Royal Panda. This, together with the global appeal, ties both company cultures together. This match made in heaven will make integration as easy as pie!

Leo Panda?

No. It’s LeoVegas and Royal Panda. Both companies will be keeping their individuality when it comes to both the brands and the operations within the company. However, we will be sharing ideas and innovations to keep getting better, older, and wiser – together.

Posted by LeoVegas on November 15, 2017