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We would like to inform you about the latest regulatory changes in Denmark and remind you of LeoVegas’ marketing compliance requirements and emphasize our expectations of Affiliate Partners operating in the Danish market.


We trust that this will help you further in achieving full compliance with these requirements and any applicable laws.


 Regulatory Update

As of January 1st, 2020, new Executive Orders on online casino and online betting entered into force in Denmark. New regulations introduce changes, among others, in such areas as marketing and responsible gaming.


In order to comply with Executive Orders, LeoVegas has updated its bonus offer and the Legal Line.


Please ensure that all marketing materials displayed in your communication channels (e.g. website, social media, printed media, e-mails, etc.) reflect our current offering and are in accordance with the new regulations.


Moreover, please ensure that in your marketing communication the following Legal Line is included:

Min. 18 år. Regler og vilkår gælder. Spil ansvarligt. ROFUS.nu. StopSpillet.dk


Updates in LeoVegas Partner Terms and Conditions

As a result of described above regulatory changes, on January 15th we have updated our LeoVegas Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions. Changes have been made to section 4.5 Marketing Compliance, point d.


The following points were added:


vi. Executive Order no. 1274 on Online casino:

vii. Executive Order no. 1276 on Online betting:


Approved Marketing Materials

As per points 4.3 and 4.5 of the LeoVegas Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions (available here), you are only allowed to advertise LeoVegas by obtaining prior LeoVegas approval of marketing assets such as banners and texts and/or other online and offline promotional materials and certain intellectual property.


Approved Marketing Materials can be placed on your site and/or utilized by you via social and print media. etc.


We would like to highlight that all marketing materials (including content posted on social media) must comply with the LeoVegas Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions, applicable laws and may not infringe the intellectual property of the LeoVegas Group. This means that you can use these materials only in accordance with the specifications, obligations, and restrictions listed in these documents and regulations.


All posted content must be kept current – as soon as we provide you with new Approved Marketing Materials, you are required to update the information you provide.


Which Legislative Sources, Documents, and Guidelines Apply to Affiliate Activities?

  • LeoVegas Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions (available here)
  • Danish Act on Gambling (available here)
  • Executive Order no. 1274 on Online casino (available here)
  • Executive Order no. 1276 on Online betting (available here)
  • Danish Marketing Practices Act (available here)
  • Guidelines for operators of betting and online casinos (available here)
  • Compulsory disclosure of conditions when marketing a bonus offer (available here)

You can also find more information on the Danish Gambling Authority website (available here).


What Additional Compliance Rules Should You Be Aware Of?

  • you may not publish and/or advertise the LeoVegas brand through false stories of winnings, fictitious articles or any other content that cannot be factually refuted
  • any articles, posts or content representing the LeoVegas brand must not be misleading/ giving false impressions or confusing
  • the LeoVegas brand must be represented as a form of entertainment and must not give the impression that using LeoVegas’ services will help to solve financial problems or improve social acceptance of the player
  • for bonus offers you must disclose information about the terms of the bonus in a clear and unambiguous manner (please see more information on the significant terms below).


Significant Terms

All advertisements for LeoVegas offers must include significant terms. The below examples of terms and conditions are always considered as significant and must be presented within the immediate context of the offer. Kindly note that this list is not exhaustive:

  • the offer only applies to a limited group of consumers
    • Example: new players only
  • there is a playthrough requirement
    • Example: 10x wagering requirement or No wagering requirements
  • a minimum stake must be gambled to contribute to the fulfilment of the playthrough requirement
    • Example: bet when playing with a bonus, bets made with free bets and profit boosts do not qualify
  • there is a deposit requirement
    • Example: deposit DKK 50 or no deposit required
  • not all games contribute to the playthrough requirement
    • Example: only live casino table games contribute to the bonus
  • there is a time limit to fulfil the conditions attached to the promotion in order to receive a bonus
    • Example: expiry dates of the bonus or that a playthrough requirement must be fulfilled within a period of 60 days,
  • a maximum amount of X can be won for funds from the sales promoting arrangement,
  • there is a maximum stake in the game
    • Example:
      • a stake limit of DKK 50 or 10% of a bonus per stake in the game
      • if winnings can be confiscated when the limit is exceeded, this is also considered a significant condition
    • an indication that full Terms and Conditions apply (all conditions connected with the bonus offer must be only one click away and not more).


Please remember, that according to the Danish regulator, you may be held liable for breaches of the Act on Gambling concerning marketing and promotion. This means that some provisions in that respect are also applicable to you as an affiliate partner.


These provisions include, but are not limited to, the following requirements:

  • all advertisements must:
    • clearly indicate that the gambling activity promoted is targeted and is to be exercised only by persons who are 18+ (at minimum, the wording “18+” must be included to inform on the legal age restriction)
    • include DGA’s logo, which must be easily visible (however it must not be presented in a way, that indicates that DGA is a co-organizer/sponsor) of the campaign/promotion
    • present a reference to the DGA’s helpline about responsible gambling (StopSpillet, website available here)
    • inform about the opportunity to self-exclude with the register of self-excluded players (ROFUS) (website available here)
    • please refer to the presented above updated Legal Line
  • all advertisements must clearly state how to make use of an offer. The customer must be fully made aware of the significant conditions – please refer to the section “Significant terms” (described above)
  • offer must present the chance of winning in a correct and balanced manner – customer must not have an impression, that the chance of winning is higher than it actually is
  • all conditions must appear prominently displayed within the main advert/ banner
  • false, misleading articles, stories and content are prohibited by law.


What Happens If You Do Not Follow the Provisions of LeoVegas Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions As Well As Legislative Requirements?

We have adopted a one-strike policy for any breaches of our Affiliate Terms and Conditions, legislative requirements as well as misrepresentation of the LeoVegas brand.


In case of non-compliant use of our marketing materials or the publication/advertising content in breach of applicable agreements, guidelines, and regulations (e.g. fictitious news presenting false stories of winnings), LeoVegas reserves the right to request you to take down any form of use of the Approved Marketing Material or to terminate relationship with you immediately.


To avoid such a situation and in case of any doubts before publication, please contact your LeoVegas account manager or our team on AffiliateTeam@leovegas.com.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

Posted by Vanessa on January 20, 2020