Why should I join Friends of Leo?
Because LeoVegas is one of the highest converting casinos there is and a world leader of mobile casinos. Register now and start earning today!

How do I become one of Leo’s Friends?
Register here at the signup page and then Leo will go through your application and if nothing strange comes up, you will be approved. After approval Leo will send you an email to welcome you. Now you can start earning your money.

How does LeoVegas keep track of the customers I referred?
After approval you can login to the affiliate program where you will have access to our marketing material like banners, text links, etc. All of this material will have a tracking code connected to your affiliate account. The tracking code makes sure Leo can keep track on all the revenue you are entitled to.

How long is the cookie duration?
45 days! This means that the referred customer can be away from LeoVegas.com and return back within 45 days and you will still get the customer tracked to you.

Can I lose money on this?
No, there´s no negative carry-over and we never charge you for a negative commission during a bad month (for example, if one of your players hits the jackpot).

Can anyone become an affiliate for Friends of Leo?
Almost anyone. Leo will however review your content and after that approve or deny your becoming a Friend of Leo.

Is it possible to be an affiliate of other affiliate programs with competitors?
Leo is the king of the jungle and knows his value so of course he´ll let you be friends with others.

How many websites can I register?
It’s up to you. You will receive individual tracking links for each site so that you can see how they are performing individually.

Is there a minimum earning before payout?
Yes there is, and it´s €50. However, if you really need a smaller amount, send an email to affiliateteam@leovegas.com and we’ll see what we can do.

How will I get paid?
This will depend on how you set up your affiliate account. You can choose between Bank Transfer, Neteller or Skrill. Once your details have been updated in the system, your next payment will be sent before the 15th of each following month (as stated in our T&C’s). In case of Bank Transfer method-you will receive a reference with the payment including your affiliate ID and corresponding month reference.There is no need for sending us an invoice each month if your affiliate account is updated with a valid IBAN and BIC/SWIFT.
If selecting ‘bank wire transfer’ your bank account must be able to receive euro amounts.

Do I need to send an invoice?

If your bank account is based in Canada or USA or you do not have an IBAN, unfortunately this automated wire service will not be available to you. Please set your method to ‘Cheque’ and send an invoice each month to Invoice@LeoVegas.com.

Can I keep track of my earnings?
Just login to your affiliate account and you’ll get an overview of your earnings.

How often are my affiliate statistics updated?
Once a day.