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There are numerous ways in which you can attract more people to your blog or website, resulting in higher sales and of course, that means more money in your pocket! In this week’s article we take a look at the different methods you can utilize to suit you and your website.


Social Media – This is the ultimate tool to use to promote your brand and attract more players. Facebook and Twitter are the obvious platforms, however, there are other methods to explore, and sometimes it may mean stepping out of your comfort zone, for example having a YouTube channel can really help you grow your followers and create stronger relationships.


Contests – A proven way to boost sales is to run a promotion, with a prize draw for all the players that sign up during a time frame chosen by you. Even if you have to pay for the prize yourself, the money should be made back from the increase in sign-ups.


Guest bloggers – Adding an article from a guest blogger can bring a different audience to your site, resulting in new players signing up to the affiliate programs that you promote.


Newsletter opt in – Whether it is weekly, fortnightly or monthly your readers will want to hear about the latest offers and promotions that are happening right now. These readers may have already signed up with one affiliate program that you promote, but obviously in the future they may decide to try another operator that you promote too. When you sign up to a new affiliate program, don’t forget to promote this to everyone that has already clicked to opt in to your newsletter!


Testimonials/reviews – Posting reviews from players on brands you are promoting can be invaluable. Players will trust other player’s feedback, and be more enticed to visit brands that have strong reviews – you could also hold a prize draw for the best review each week.


Know your target market – Look to draw players in using language that will appeal to them.


Listen to feedback – Whilst player reviews of operators are important – utilise a ‘contact us’ tool on your site, listen to what players have to say and take note of suggestions they may have.


Keywords – Be sure to update your keywords and track which are most successful and those that aren’t so!


Keep on top of your best performers – Ensure you are using metrics to track the performance of your brands. Whether this is CPC, EPC or total revenue, being in the know will enable you to track stats better and make more money!


Work closely with your brands – Ensure you are on top of current promotions. Your Affiliate Manager will keep you up to date with any new campaigns and what offers are working well – use them.


Separate device performance – manage your desktop and mobile campaigns separately, this will enable you to keep an even closer eye on performance.


User journey flow – Match your offers to the following LP, a clear user journey helps with conversion. Keep things simple and boost your FTD’s!


Posted by LeoVegas on January 23, 2017