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One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an Affiliate is to overcrowd your page with tons of products in the hope of selling as much as possible in a short period of time.

We would all love to have our pockets filled with super easy money, however, the reality is that before making actual sales, you need to build a good level of credibility.

A page covered in shiny banners doesn’t help you create a trustworthy image, unless your initial goal is to look like an online supermarket! Our suggestion is to always focus on a niche that you are already knowledgeable about, as promoting products to this target audience will not only be much easier for you, but your articles and reviews will also sound more credible.

It’s highly important to consider your audience, it can seem pretty straightforward, however, often people forget that the type of audience a blog attracts is crucially related to the type of content. If the content is not in line with the products all your marketing efforts will be wasted as the products will be irrelevant to your visitors.

To explain this further, let’s look at the igaming industry as an example:
We have already covered in previous articles the importance of understanding and using specific keywords (SEO) in your website that people use to look for a specific object/game online.
If your website is giving specific guidance to people who have never tried gambling before, newbies are the type of users you are likely to attract, which is not necessarily a bad thing if you know how to convert them into customers.

However, when promoting to newbies too many loud banners with the latest promotions are unlikely to work, as people who have never played in their life are extremely cautious and require different information and a unique type of messaging.

You are more likely to succeed by focusing on these elements:

– Provide a full list of hot entry level games
– Show that the game is easy to understand and if needed include clear instructions
– Explain that there is low risk involved
– Ensure they see clearly that the company is trustworthy

However, if you are writing content for regular and experienced users, your focus should be on the latest offers (without filling your site with too many banners), tips and reviews on the best games and be up to date with all the latest releases and spend more time on each product and remember that in this case less is more, as you will be increasing quality and relevance.

As you might have understood by now, there is a strict relationship between content, visitors and products, get this relationship right and money will start flowing into your pocket!

Posted by LeoVegas on December 5, 2016