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How your audience can be your best asset

If your website has little traffic, it’s unlikely you will receive enough attention to grow your sales numbers and reach your goals.

In previous articles we have talked about SEO techniques to increase traffic, and today we will explore other ways you can attract more visitors to your site!

A common mistake that many affiliates make is to think that publishing great, useful content and having high converting products is enough to attract users and make a substantial amount of money. It would be amazing if it was like that, however, in reality things are quite different.


Increasing traffic

If you’re not making enough sales or you would simply like to increase your sales numbers, increasing traffic should be your main goal. It’s a simple fact: More people visiting your page means the number of people buying the products will be higher.

Many affiliates focus solely on pushing hard the merchants’ products and totally forgetting to promote their product: the website. To begin increasing traffic, you should first map out how you can achieve this, and determine how you should let the world know that your website exists.

Start with identifying places where your target audience virtually hang out, like forums, or more easily you can use your audience as advocates (your audience is your target, they know where people like them can be found online.

It is important to be social and be present to establish trusted relationships with your followers, engage with them and be sure to reply to their comments. 74% of consumers identify ‘word of mouth’ (WOM) as a key influencer to their decision making process when buying, therefore it is important to interact with your followers and create relationships.

Social Proof is when humans take action or make a decision based on seeing other humans doing it first. It’s sort of like an implied recommendation – if other people do it, it must be good.


Tips on what aspects of your site to improve:

1. Your About Page
You should include details on who you are, what your website is all about/what you’re blogging about, why visitors should read your content and what is in it for them.

Remember to talk about the benefits for your readers, not the features of your website.

2. Your Contact Page
It should be easy for your readers to get in touch with you, therefore you should have an easily accessible page that lists your details. Including a picture of you smiling will also make your website more personal.

Also, by joining a website network, you will not only increase traffic, but also increase awareness!

Posted by LeoVegas on November 28, 2016