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Choosing the right partner is key to your affiliate success.

There is plenty of affiliates programs out there – how do you make sure you select the best partner?

Let’s explore first some common reward models:


    • Revenue Share

With this commission model the affiliate is paid a percentage of the player’s losses (based on the net revenue). This earnings model does not give the affiliate any money upfront, but he has the possibility to continue earning money as long as the referred player/s remain active. It is easy to see that the biggest benefit of revenue share is that the money is earned over an extended period of time. However, it might take more time for an affiliate to start generating greater amounts of money


    • CPA

This usually refers to a lead generated which is triggered by an event such as first deposit by a new customer. Once the event is triggered the affiliate is paid a predetermined amount of money for referring the player (one-time payment). The main benefit of the CPA model as an affiliate is simple: you get paid a set amount of money upfront for every qualified player that is referred. On the downside, the affiliate could be leaving a lot of money on the table if he opts for a CPA offer as opposed to revenue share


    • Hybrid

A Hybrid deal is mix of a CPA payout with a Rev. Share structure attached. This means that if an affiliate refers a new customer to us, they may receive one payout (based on the new depositor) and will also be rewarded for the life or predetermined period of time that the customer stays playing.

When choosing a partner there are major things to consider:

(Recurring commission?)



Do researches about the company, is the company a trustworthy partner? Get in touch with affiliate managers, ask them about their rewards plan to have an idea of what the company offers and to get a feeling around their professionalism


Cookie Duration

As you may know a lot of the sales don’t occur after the first exposure to the product. Cookie duration is normally set around 30 days (45 days with LeoVegas), if someone buys using your affiliate link during this period of time you will be receiving commissions. The longer the cookie duration the better.


High converting products

It is very important that you use your time and efforts wisely by focusing on promoting high converting products.

Ask for some data!

Make also sure that offers are continuously updated.


Payment options

The large amount of payments happen via PayPal, however this solution includes PayPal fees to be paid.

Choose companies which offer bank transfers or other free/low-cost online money transfer solutions.


Potential loss

Choose companies which offer no negative carrie overs and don’t charge for negative commission.


Real professional support

Having a dedicated affiliate manager, a point of contact that is supportive and provides you with all the information and material you might need it’s critical. A lot of companies have their focus only on driving more traffic to their website and increasing sales, prefer a company which is looking to establish a real long term partnership with you as they will provide you with adequate assistance.

Posted by LeoVegas on November 21, 2016